An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part V: Getting to the end

June 28, 2009 on 1:29 pm | In Getting started | 6 Comments

So you have planned your trip, have got your gear sorted and now you are on the way to the finish line which seems so very far away. How do you make sure you get there?  When you get tired, wet ,cold, lonely, and sore how do you stop yourself from quitting. Well basically it all comes down to motivation.  The trick is to have plenty of motivation and make it impossible for you to not finish.

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An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part IV: Keeping everyone informed

June 25, 2009 on 12:53 pm | In Getting started | No Comments

Doing a solo challenge is not only tough physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  There are a bunch of people out there who will ultimately be the people who will get you to the end, through the highs and the lows and they are your supporters.  They will provide you the motivation to keep going, I guarantee it.  But you are in the middle of nowhere, and they are not.  How do you communicate?  How can you inspire others to follow you and give money for the charity you are fund-raising for? Continue reading An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part IV: Keeping everyone informed…

An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part III: What to take

June 24, 2009 on 12:24 pm | In Getting started | 9 Comments

The short answer: just enough.  This of course is pretty hard to do.  The trick is to err on the side of taking too much.  You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without something imperative to your success, like food, water or a spare inner tube.  Here are a couple of tips for planning the amount of gear to take, especially if weight is an issue.  You may have a support crew for your particular challenge, and they can carry your gear, and go find replacement bits and pieces for you as you go.  But in my case I was solo and had to carry my gear on the back of the bike, so weight was very very important. Continue reading An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part III: What to take…

An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part II: Planning

June 23, 2009 on 10:37 am | In Getting started | 4 Comments

Its all in the planning baby.  Really.  If you plan well then you will succeed. The secret to planning is to eliminate as much risk as possible, but leaving enough risk still there to make it interesting.  Planning can be broken down as when to do it, how to do it, and what will you need to do it. Continue reading An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part II: Planning…

An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part I: The idea

June 22, 2009 on 8:49 pm | In Getting started | 3 Comments

I just rode a bike from one end of New Zealand to the other and as I went I raised funds for a small charity, TASC, that does fantastic things for people with spinal injuries.  When I started, right back at the very beginning when I came up with the crazy idea to spend 7 weeks on a bike, I had no idea what I was doing or how to organise it.  Now, after having two weeks to recover from my ride of 2,266 kilometres from Stewart Island in the south up to Cape Reinga in the north, I thought it was time to reflect and take a look at the anatomy of exactly what I just did. Continue reading An idiot’s guide to a charity bike ride – Part I: The idea…

Video – NZ uphill preview

April 10, 2009 on 5:22 am | In Getting started, Video logs | 3 Comments

Here is my first attempt at filming and editing on the go.  I hope its not too cheesy.  I am calling this the preview.  The real footage starts April 20.

Getting Frank

March 2, 2009 on 10:07 pm | In Getting started | 10 Comments

I was very excited to hear about John Key’s plan for a country long cycleway last week. If only a politician had the idea two years ago. Although I wont be able to ride it on my trip, it does give me one thing, validation that I am not just a nut job. Over the last month I have had to put up with a few nay-sayers trying to convince me I am mad, and so having John Key on my team makes it harder for them to taunt me know. Also Phil Keoghan, kiwi done good and host of The Amazing Race has announced he too is on a bike mission, riding from one side of the US to the other. As each week goes by I am finding more and more people around the world getting off of their asses and getting on a bike. All I have to do is make sure I can survive six weeks on a bike.

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A bike, some hills and a vomit

February 6, 2009 on 4:02 pm | In Getting started | 3 Comments

I had been making good progress with my planning so far. My route planning was coming together well, I had a couple of different options heading north, depending on wind and weather. People were getting in touch with me with all kinds of advice. What to take, where to go, when to leave. So far I wasn’t hearing anything discouraging.

The next step was to organise a bike. “That should be easy.” I thought, it needs to have two wheels, some gears, and a bell? I had been told I need a really comfortable seat so I should get one of those. To be honest I didn’t really know what I should get, so I decided to test the mettle of some bike shops. I was feeling buoyant, and excited about having committed to my goal. The first shop I visited, I took it back to basics, I wanted to know everything I would possibly need to know. I wasn’t sure what a bike salesman would be like, so I went in guns blazing.

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The art of “speed” planning

January 27, 2009 on 6:51 pm | In Getting started | 5 Comments

A week has passed since I decided to go ahead with my cycling plan. One loooooong week. A week seems like a long time when you are thinking about one goal, non-stop, constantly. I knew that just making the decision would not be enough on it’s own, I would have to actually start setting some solid plans or I run the risk of metal entropy, and better sense coming to me. So now I have started telling people, I know I can’t pretend I never decided to do it. But with time could it become an empty promise to myself? So I knew I had to set a date pretty quick, and then work from there actively towards my goal. But when should I do go? An important decision it would seem

Decisions are pretty easy things to make, it’s the consequences that are the real kicker. To make a decision, you just take in all the data you can collect, analyse it, eliminate the risks and then the decision will pretty much make itself. That’s the theory so here is how it went.
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Just popping out for a quick bike ride

January 19, 2009 on 10:52 pm | In Getting started | 8 Comments

My major new year resolution came to me a little late this year. Well to be honest, I made it on New Years Eve, but kept it under my hat for a bit, just to make really damn sure I wasn’t just drunk and it is something I might like to do. I also had to find the right moment to tell my family about it, as it was to have some impact on them.

Two weeks ago we were camping up at Whatuwhiwhi, our annual pilgrimage to the Top 10 holiday park, for swimming, sunning, and having less showers than you would normally get away with. We were well relaxed after 5 days camping, and I planned to take the family out for a fun day, get them in the right mood for me to announce my new resolution. We would take a leisurely trip up to “The Cape”, Cape Reinga, the northern most point of our fair country, then finish up by doing one of Mel’s favourite things, pulling into a winery for dinner and drinks before rolling back to the camp ground. Well things didn’t go exactly to plan.
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